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The Boccafina family of products are designed to give a unique culinary experience in flavor without a major production in preparing meals. Growing up in an Italian family certainly revealed many cooking techniques, but one in particular never seemed to fit in the hustle and bustle of modern America. Many Italian meals had to be simmered for hours to reveal unique flavors. In our family, with young children, the thought of cooking for hours just didn’t seem to fit with getting the kids to bed, catching up on housework, or messing with the yard, or even finding time to entertain!

We had to find something that captured the flavors without a lengthy process. This is where Boccafina™ Abbondante™ was born. The idea for the name Boccafina came from my childhood when Mom and Dad used to take us out for a meal. As I searched through the menu, I would select the most expensive item! Mom would call me “Boccafina” which means “fine mouth” in Italian since I always went for the best! “Abbondante” which means abundant came from the inspiration in our first spice blend that can be used for an abundant amount of applications.

From our family to yours; Buon Appetito!

Look for more inspirations in the Boccafina family coming soon!

Abbondante™ spice blend is a tribute to Mom and Dad for being such an inspiration!

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