Prime Rib

Prime Rib

Simple recipe for this one, just spread Abbondanteâ„¢ seasoning generously over the outside of the roast a minimum of 1 hour before cooking (overnight max) which will aid in forming the outer crust that seals in juices!

Position the roast on a rotisserie skewer in the center heat area and rotate the entire cook time. Use a roasting pan under the roast to catch excess juices during cook-time (baste as desired)We use beer sometimes in the pan rather than water.

Use a meat thermometer to determine if the roast is done and follow specified cooking guidelines for meat temperatures.

When the roast reaches just barely at the desired cook-temp, remove the roast from the heat and let stand for 10-15 minutes in a roasting pan with foil on top.

Use the juice from the roast for au jus! Just add water and any thickening flour and simmer while stirring.

Make sure to add the flour slowly while stirring.

Slice to desired thickness and serve!


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