Overeasy Italian Style

Overeasy, Italian Style

A traditional Italian flare in preparing over-easy eggs!

You can do it, just be gentle!

After all, they are over-easy….

This one is fun and you will impress your family and friends too!

Serves 4





*1 loaf french bread (larger size for hole)

*8 eggs

*1lb. hash browns

Add any traditional breakfast meat such as bacon, ham or sausage as desired


1. For hashbrowns, just fry in a pan with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and butter with Boccafina™ Abbondante™ seasoning.

3. Slice bread about 3/4″ thick, punch hole in the center using a small glass or even a cookie cutter for unique shapes.

4. Add butter to slices on both sides and lay 2 in a pan each time.

5. Add a small amount of butter inside the holes and add 1 egg to each hole once the butter melts.

Don’t forget to add a sprinkle of Abbondante™ to the eggs too!

6. Flip eggs using a spatula (I know some of you will want to flip them “Chef style” without utensils, but trust me, don’t!)

Serve with garnish of choice

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