Ribeye With Zucchini And Portabella Mushrooms

Ribeye Steak

This one is great fun on the grill and you can add just about any vegetable, even on the grill (see vegetables).

Remember the secret to a juicy steak is to only flip it ONE time!! Steaks should be 1/2″ – 1″ thick, bone in or out.

Time per side is your call and depends on your barbeque; we use:

Medium rare= 7 minutes

Medium= 8 minutes

Medium well= 9-10 minutes

Well= 10+



*4 Ribeye steaks (12-16 oz.)

*2 ea. 4-5″ Portabella mushrooms

*4 whole zucchinis (medium sized)

*4 ea. green chili peppers (if desired)

*Extra virgin olive oil

*Favorite Cabernet or Syrah for marinating mushrooms (don’t worry, you can serve the remainder with dinner guests!)


Prepare steaks by rubbing generously with Abbondante’ on both sides, then shake off any excess.

Oh yes, the drunken portabella mushroom is a great garnish for the steak and is also easy to prepare!

While your steak is basking in Boccafina, tear out the stems of the portabella mushrooms.

Sprinkle with Abbondante’ and drizzle some extra virgin olive oil on top.

Add your facorite red wine (I use a Cabernet or Syrah for this part) just to the edge inside the cap.

Allow mushroom to soak up the wine while the steak is sitting for about a half hour.

While that is soaking, cut the zucchini inot 2″ sections and add to pot of water. Boil until color of the zuccchini turns bright green. Not too long or the zucchini gets too soft.

Pre-heat the grill and add meat right next to the mushrooms. (Don’t allow the wine to boil in the mushrooms (move to cooler spot if needed) When the meat is done, the mushroom should be done! Just slice and serve on top of the steak! Plan for about 1/2 mushroom per steak. ENJOY!!

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